capu group shot 2016

Two weeks ago, Rebecca and I visited the field projects in Cambodia. During our visit we announced FTA’s support for the continuation of the successful Community Anti-Poaching Unit (CAPU) project. Last year the unit  removed over 1,000 deadly snares near the Wildlife Rehabilitation Station and also interrupted several organised poaching and logging operations.  The project not only provides protection for animals and the forest but also creates jobs for people living in the Chi Phat community, many of whom have family members who rely on ecotourism business.  It’s a win-win-win situation.

We distributed new equipment to the 26 rangers to enable them to camp in the deep forest for up to 4 days each week.  This is a tough job but the positions are highly prized by the patrol members, many of whom have worked with our field partner, Wildlife Alliance, for many years.  Wildlife Alliance operates anti-trafficking programs all over Cambodia, including the Cardamom Mountains, one of the last intact forests in SE Asia.

Funding for the project was made possible by FTA donors Linda and Brendan Sheehan, Gary and Debra Owen and the members of For the Animals. The patrol unit members were very grateful for our continued support and proudly recapped the major accomplishments of 2015. They also confirmed their ongoing commitment to keep the forest surrounding the Wildlife Rehabilitation Station in the Cardamom Mountains free from snares and illegal logging activities.

capu supplies 2016