This little pair of gibbons have found comfort in each other after coming together from very different, but tragic circumstances.  The little male Pileated Gibbon (left) came into our care through the illegal pet trade which is rampant in Southeast Asia. The female Yellow Cheeked Gibbon (right) was found in the forests of the north east of Cambodia on the ground with a broken arm. As there were no parents in sight, we assume that her mother was the victim of a hunter.  Survival in the wild with a broken arm and no mum would have been virtually impossible.  

After their arrival at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre they were quickly treated and given the best medical care possible.   Though they are both still frightened from their ordeals, they are bonding and enjoying being together, getting more and more confident each day.  It’s pretty fortunate that two gibbons close in age were rescued at the same time and will be able to grow up together.   

Stay tuned as we monitor their progress, along with the thousands of other animals rescued each year by FTA’s partner, Wildlife Alliance.