Every time I come back from Cambodia after visiting the animals and projects we support I’m re-energised and reminded of why all the work in fundraising and awareness building is so worth it! Let’s face it, very few people actually enjoy fundraising, but I find with my passion rekindled it’s just natural to tell the world what is in my heart. My friend and fellow board member, Kari Barnard and I had the extreme privilege of visiting with rescued animals of all shapes and sizes. Each had a tragic story prior to arriving at the rescue centre. We had enough time to sit quietly and observe the behaviours of the animals and I came away with the feeling, like I have every time in the past, that the animals were all peaceful if not content. I’ve never been a big fan of zoos and almost always feel heavy and distraught during and after my visits, but there is a very different quality to the energy at both of the rescue centres and release sites of our partner Wildlife Alliance. Perhaps because the goal is always to provide whatever support is necessary to ensure that the animals regain the condition to be reintroduced into the wild into safe areas. Perhaps it’s the quality of the natural enclosures or the way the caregivers interact with the animals, but it seems to me that they know they are on a journey to a better place.


Rescued sun bear, Sopheap, relaxing in her 2 hectare enclosure at the Wildlife Release Station which she shares with her somewhat camera shy partner, Tela, a male sun bear, shown below.



A leopardess rescued from starvation from a private owner is showing signs of enjoying her new abode.


Can I have a look? Baby monkeys in the nursery are full of life and have great appetites!