Row of wine glasses on barrel in winery cellar


The practice of wire-snare poaching is cruel and indiscriminate, and is widely used by wildlife traffickers throughout the forests of Cambodia.

We invite you to join For The Animals in our bid to eliminate the capture and injury of endangered wildlife caused by the snare. For The Animals wholly funds local ranger patrols in forest areas of the Southern Cardamom mountains to remove snares and rescue trapped wildlife.

Every dollar raised at this event will go towards funding this important operation. Last year alone, our contribution not only enabled the removal of over 1,000 snares from the forest, but also provided meaningful livelihoods and positive futures to families from local villages.

Join us, bring your friends and support this great cause. Meet the winemakers, enjoy a large discount on wine purchases and stock up for Christmas!

Wednesday, 26th October 2016, 6 – 8pm
Bluewater Grill, Applecross


Affects of snares