Wildlife Alliance

Wildlife Alliance works to stop the trafficking of wildlife through Cambodia, a major route between countries where wildlife is sourced and the usual destination of China.

Wildlife Alliance runs a highly successful anti-trafficking unit which intercepts wildlife being transported through that country and since 2001 they have rescued over 60,000. Most of the rescued animals are released in the Southern Cardamom Mountains, where they operate a rehabilitation and release station supported by For the Animals. Animals that cannot be released into the wild are cared for at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre outside Phnom Penh. For the Animals leads annual trips to visit all of Wildlife Alliance’s field projects including poverty alleviation and job creation programs for people who were formerly poachers.

Freeland Foundation

Freeland Foundation is the world leader in conducting undercover investigations to break up organised criminal rings that are responsible for large scale poaching and human trafficking all over the world. Its founder, Steve Galster, is the top expert on these subjects worldwide and has advised the State Department of the United States government, Interpol and other national and international authorities on how to collaborate to stop trafficking.

Freeland Foundation also runs Wildlife Enforcement Network training on a regional and international level and helps coordinate government and special-purpose law enforcement units.